Thank you for using Quick tour Taxi Services. We would like to educate you a little about the terms and conditions of using the Quick tour web and app .

In the below section ‘us’ and ‘we’ is referred to the quick tour and all the right to it are reserved with the quick tour only.

Quick tour is a transport company purely indulge in the business of taxi services, holding on the cabs and providing the cab services to the customers as well as to the vendors with the taxis as the business partner.

We as the partner help the cab drivers as well as taxi providers to enhance and progress their business by working as a bridge between the taxi service provider and the customer. All the rights to the taxi provider are reserved with the quick tour and the agents as well as partners joining hands comes under the name of quick tour gets abide by the rules and regulations of the quick tour.

We welcome all the booking done directly by the person travelling or by the third- party on which the person travelling is different from the one travelling. In both the cases we obliged the customer as the one who has booked our services and the one travelling with us. Any concern regarding our services is welcome and we would appreciate the complaints/ feedbacks/ comments from our customers.

Agents and partners are any third party who is joining our hands to spread the business. The agent will be the one who will be working as a third party between the end user and quick tour while partner is the one working side by side with us. Both the agent and the partner are our working hands and thus have to work with the rules and regulations of the company.

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